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Wisdom, Truth, and Timing

Wisdom, Truth, and Timing The Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

During July 2021, three of the four points of avatar aligning with wisdom, truth, and timing are activated by one inner and two outer fast-moving planets. Saturn activates the Aquarian point of avatar, signaling the necessity of vibrational harmony with all life on Earth and throughout the cosmos. This is a call to align the self and all life in balanced reciprocity with thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions, and interrelationships with self, others, and the environment.

Mars and Venus activate the Leo point of avatar at various times during July 2021, activating the spiritfire energy of cosmic truth that denotes its expression with loving passion, power, and conviction in ways that are caring, healing, and empowering for all beings in all times, dimensions, countries, and cultures. Uranus conjuncts the Taurus point of avatar, activating change by freewill choice for what is in the wisest and best interests of all beings and reaping the consequences of those freewill actions and choices. Balanced reciprocity will prevail. There will be no blame, judgment, right or wrong, or good or bad.