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Discover Harmony Within and Without

Discover Harmony Within and Without The Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

From July 24 to August 22, 2021, the influencing energies on a deep soul-heart level are all about discovering harmony within and without. Sensitivity to all types of energies is high during this time for everyone. It becomes blatantly obvious where there is harmony and disharmony, personally and professionally, within the body, mind, emotions, and spirit and in relationship to people, places, things, and situations.

Rather than being about what the ego desires, this time is about what calls from deep within the soul heart where peace, connection, and unconditional love abide. Where these energies abound in relation to self, others, and the environment, flow and opportunity follow, generating thriving environments for all beings and nature. Where fear, disharmony, manipulation, and competitive energies are out of alignment with the balanced reciprocity of the universe, the universe responds in kind by withdrawing the cosmic flow and instead placing it where it is honored, loved, and appreciated in full measure.