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Benevolent Outcomes: Don’t Sweat the Procedure

Benevolent Outcomes: Don’t Sweat the Procedure Tom T. Moore

Requesting most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) and saying benevolent prayers (BPs) for people and other beings quickly become great spiritual tools for your toolbox. Why? Because they work perfectly! There is no other modality I’ve been able to say that about, including the law of attraction. These work in conjunction with your soul contracts, and I’ve been told in my meditations that they are the easiest ways to raise your vibrational level.
Touchy Circumstances
Pam writes: Sometimes I am with people who I do not want to share BPs with. These are people who are very religious (my family) and don’t believe as I do. In those instances, I might whisper a BP. Since we are supposed to say BPs out loud, does it count just as much when we whisper?
Tom replies: Don’t worry about whispering MBOs or BPs. Your guardian angel or whomever you believe these requests go to will take the circumstances into consideration. I’ve had to whisper MBO requests many times. Just say them out loud when you have the opportunity to do so.