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Essences of Nature: Warrior Heart

Essences of Nature: Warrior Heart Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Courage isn't about not having fear. Courage is when we have fear and face what we are afraid of. We may be shaking in our boots and want to run and hide; however, we rally a force and a truth from deep within ourselves to face our challenges.

We earn our badges of love and courage as we tread and tromp through our pitfalls and potholes and over our speed bumps. Some of us focus on our injuries while some of us focus on the triumphs. Sometimes we don't feel the triumphs. Sometimes we minimize the injuries. Sometimes we are just happy to make it to the other side. We require the courage of the heart to help us and drive us. We seek access to the warrior heart.

To Soothe Loss

Bleeding heart essence is specifically for loss and grief. This essence helps by soothing and smoothing our deep emotional pain. This essence helps us to break through our codependent tendencies when we live for love and then lose the love we have been living for.