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Benevolent Outcomes: MBOs and BPs Raise Your Vibration

Benevolent Outcomes: MBOs and BPs Raise Your Vibration Tom T. Moore

Muushu is a male Coton de Tuléar who was unusually high-strung and agitated. His owner called me to see whether I could help calm him down. When I first met Muushu at the door, he barked uncontrollably and ran around as if he were insane. It seemed as if he didn't want me to come inside. He acted aggressively toward me, threatening to nip. I gently told him I was only there to help him and asked, "Could you please let me come in to sit down and talk to your caregiver?" Reluctantly, he finally agreed. As he sat on the couch looking rather agitated with "his lady," as he refers to her, Muushu began to tell me his troubles.

"Ever since my lady, Sandra, brought me home to this house, I have been very high-strung, my nerves are completely shot, and I can't help but feel and act aggressively toward anyone who comes to the house. I'm trying to protect everyone who comes here from all the negative entities that are in and all around the house. There are so many! I feel as if it's crowded. The entities are all over the place, and they won't leave. They really bother me. Some of them are children who run around and try to play with me, and some are adults who are busy doing their chores. They walk right over me, and that freaks me out.

"I guess I should tell you my story of how I ended up living here. Grab a chair, sit down, and get comfortable, and I'll tell you.