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Animal Whisperer: A Purr-fect Partnership

Animal Whisperer: A Purr-fect Partnership Kim Malonie

I am deaf in this lifetime, and in working with Sparkie [my cat], I sense her vocal sounds through my mind ("maaaaah" is the sound vibration I sometimes "hear"). It's as if I pick up her thought energy even though I can't hear her. I intuit her sound when I see her mouth open and feel a sound frequency. I can't interpret it, but I do hear her in my mind as if it is coming through our morphogenic fields (aura or telepathic).

I feel that all animals are preparing humanity's blueprint on how to become a future telepathic race that uses a unique voice that translates into a language of frequency vibration. It's a blessing in disguise! We all have a lot to learn from animal wisdom.

I think Sparkie's approximate age is twelve years. I have a feeling she was born around September 1. My ex-girlfriend's old home in WA is where Sparkie was found. We suspected she was a farm cat with a half-mile range, and then she became a stray. What kind of home did she have before she found us? She had one kitten, Lucky.