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Benevolent Outcomes: Unexpected Happy Outcomes

Benevolent Outcomes: Unexpected Happy Outcomes Tom T. Moore

During the fall, there are so many people exercising and playing sports. Be sure to request most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) for your safety and health, and say a benevolent prayer (BP) for all participants (whether they play for your team or not) to remain injury-free. After all, these are just games. That’s sometimes hard to remember during the heat of competition.

Love everyone unconditionally! Here are some MBO and BP stories.

Pleasant Interactions

Raymond writes: Last week I decided to eat at Chili’s, and before entering the restaurant, I saw a debit card lying on the ground. I briefly checked it out and noticed it belonged to the Bank of America next door. I was aware that whoever lost it would panic, so I walked across the parking lot and returned it to the friendly receptionist at the Bank of America. She thanked me, I returned to Chili’s, and after a pleasant lunch, I decided to go to the mall and shop for some new clothes.