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Dream Zone: Rewrite Your Dreams

Dream Zone: Rewrite Your Dreams Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I’ve always been a vivid dreamer, but lately my dreams have been more violent than usual, and I remember more of them. One that’s bugging me was about a blurred man who stole my two children, and it seemed as if I chased them forever.
— Tisha, 34, Cape Coral, FL

From Lauri: The increase in violence in your dream life suggests there is an increase in anxiety or stress in your waking life. What sort of stress have you been dealing with lately? Kidnapping in dreams is most often caused by milestones our children go through: starting a new grade, learning to drive, getting their first boyfriend or girlfriend, and so on. These milestones make us realize how quickly time goes by — like a blur — hence, the blurry man in your dream. The subconscious responds with a kidnapping dream because it reflects how life and time seem to pull our babies away from us. Is anything going on with your children lately that has you realizing they are growing way too fast?
Tisha replies: Well, now that you say that, both of them are going into the next school. My son is going into sixth grade, and my daughter into ninth. I think I also fear that it’s a new area for them, and they have to start all over with making new friends and such. And as far as an increase in stress, we just moved to Florida, and my uncle passed away a week ago. So yes, there’s definitely more stress.