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Ask the Angels

Ask the Angels Cheryl Gaer Barlow

I’d like to join a religion. You always say to be closer to God. I went to church with a friend last week, but it didn’t bring me any knowledge about God. Your book did a lot more explaining God than that sermon. I don’t just want to join a church because my friend goes there. I have a need inside to become more spiritual. What should my purpose be? What religion is best for me? Is it wrong to have friends who don’t believe in God?
— Trudi, Huntington Beach, CA

From the angels: The world of Earth is now entering a stream of wonder. You are to make the world a more wonderful place, help whoever you can, and grow closer to God. You are to know God is with each soul on Earth.

All souls are not aware of God or of heavenly entities. This is fine, as souls are on varied levels of enlightenment. All will reach God in their own time. This will happen when the time is right for the soul.