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Akashic Answers: Seek Peace through the Bigger Picture

Akashic Answers: Seek Peace through the Bigger Picture Amanda Romania

I have always been a little afraid of past-life regression, as I’m sure I have had past lives in which I’ve died a terrible death or faced extreme pain. In this lifetime, I’m afraid of doctors, surgery, and death. I am only thirty-five years old, but I’m aware of this when taking a flight or driving on a busy freeway. Is there anything in the akashic records that can help me with this? I wish to let go of this fear in my lifetime.
— Jake, WA

From Amanda: Yes, the first time we recall a past life, especially a traumatic one, it can be scary. The main thing to understand is that you are observing, not reliving. I see from your soul birth number that you are a life path number 2, so this means a lot of these lifetimes’ lessons revolve around trust and faith.

I can see that in one past life, you were in a battle. I see you on a horse, charging into a fight around the late 1700s in Europe. You wear fine clothes, and I see you cut down from your horse. As you move into the transition between lives, there is great sorrow that your life — which was built on honor, faith, and trust — ended so suddenly.