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The Crystal Garden: Lead a Life of Passion and Purpose

Margaret Ann Lembo

You have the power to realize your unlimited potential. Give yourself permission to reveal your unique life path or career. You choose your life path. Have you chosen it? If not, choose something. Start where you are.

Dream Zone: Subconscious Protection

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I dreamed a million marbles came out of my mouth in a thin, wavy shape. The second they were all out, I felt a sudden sense of release, but it didn’t last, as they quickly forced their way back into my mouth.

Essences of Nature: Triumph and Disaster

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We now live amid triumph and disaster. We feel love, fear, and hope. We experience resolve, loss, and light. We are in a time when every obstacle, turmoil, and jubilation is present. So do we focus on what we want? Or do we focus on what we don’t want? The energy we expend is the same.

The Secret Wisdom of Animals: Bailey and Sabre, Soul Mates Reunite

Kim Malonie

Sabre: A bird named Billy had arrived at the Bird Rescue, so I thought I’d get my caregiver (“Mom,” as I call her) to take me there to check him out and see how he was doing. I felt a very strong pull toward him, as if I already knew him. I also felt like he needed me.

Traditional Insights into Yoga: Dhanurasana, Bow Pose

Mally Paquette

We are the age of our spines. The flexibility of the spine determines our strength and overall health. This pose is a bit challenging, but it can be modified by keeping your knees on the ground.

The Crystal Garden: How to Predict Your Personal Future

Margaret Ann Lembo

Predicting your personal future is as simple as envisioning your future. The imagination plays a key role in forecasting future events. Over the years, people have assumed that I can tell them their future.

Akashic Answers: Rebuild and Rebirth Your Reality

Amanda Romania

Blessings from the akashic library of light. After a year of lockdown, we begin to see the world wake up again, and a new reality surrounds us. This is the time, and we are the ones we have been waiting for. So, with love and grace, here are my predictions for 2021.

Guardian Angels Know Best

Tom T. Moore

Tom writes: As many of you know, Dena and I have an international film and TV-program distribution company. Recently, we licensed thirty-one movies to a European company. Both sides agreed on the terms, and we emailed the invoice.

Ask the Angels: Adopt a Higher Level of Thought

the Angels
Cheryl Gaer Barlow

Cheryl: As I forward the words of the angels, please understand that these words are not from the minds of humans. Knowledge from human minds can be distorted, and even if wholly believed, they are not always accurate.

Dream Zone: Move to the New You

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I had a dream that my husband and I were coming home. As we pulled into the driveway, a chocolate lab walked by (that looked like our new neighbor’s dog in real life) and acted a little scared of the car. His lips were pursed as if he was whistling, but he wasn’t making a sound.


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