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Shamanic Wisdom: Ancestral Healing

Jan Engels-Smith

I worked for many years as a licensed psychotherapist and counselor treating people with traditional methods to promote healing. I found my work to be satisfying and successful.

Traditional Insights into Yoga: Envision Your Path with the Baddha Konasana Pose

Mally Paquette

Our first 2020 pose focuses on oneness. To be seated in a bound state of stillness will deliver insight, healing, and expanded consciousness for a new path forward. The Badda Komasana is a classic posture creates and supports hip flexibility and rest.

EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: The Most Precious Gift — Your Humanity

Maria Yraceburu

Maria: I looked up and squinted into the sunlight, seeing the features of Child of Water — one of our cosmology hero twins who is comparable in energy to Buddha or Jesus — forming out of the gold-spun rays of the sun.

Benevolent Outcomes: MBOs for Many Occasions

Tom T. Moore

Tom writes: We recently had some drama at our house. We kept our grandbaby Brynna for a Sunday afternoon. When our daughter came to pick her up, she left the car unlocked and the key in the ignition to keep the air conditioning going.

The Empath’s Portal: The Spiritual Consciousness of Empaths

The Heart of the Mother
Sarah Weiss

The Heart of the Mother: You are incredibly intelligent. As your mother, I see you as no other sees you. I know you from the depths of your soul. Listen with your heart. You were born an empath with a specific purpose.

Akashic Answers: Wake-Ups and Walk-Ins

Amanda Romania

Blessings and greetings for 2020. After working in Egypt in 2019 and earning the title of the “girl who takes a journey under the Sphinx,” I’m opening up many realms of consciousness and observing the most beautiful souls embracing their awakening.

The Crystal Garden: Aromatherapy and Gemstones for Mindfulness and More

Margaret Ann Lembo

Aromatherapy isn’t just for smelling! Essential oils are powerful allies mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. They contain potent chemical components and have the ability to deter a wide range of bacterial, fungal, viral, and other disease-causing microorganisms.

Akashic Answers: Predictions for 2020

Amanda Romania

We have almost reached 2020, and I wish all of you a magical and peaceful year. As I traveled to Peru, Russia, Germany, and my beloved Egypt in 2019, I looked forward to being present and grounded in Sedona, Arizona, in 2020.

Ask the Angels: Enact Wonders in Your Life

Cheryl Gaer Barlow

From the angels: We angels of the Mallbon are assigned to the world of Earth by God. The Lord Jesus overlooks the world of Earth. We are here en masse to help the needy. Ask, and we come to you. We surround you to help answer your pleas.

Essences of Nature: The Year of Unity

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We are navigating unknown territories more than ever before in 2020. It is a year of trust beyond trust. We take sure steps, and we take steps based on blind faith. Our steps take us to where we will be best served as opposed to where we have imagined ourselves to be.


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