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Akashic Answers: Meditate to Connect with Your Starseed Origin

Amanda Romania

Can you offer some insight on how I can find my cosmic family in my akashic records? I have been having dreams in which I feel I am going back to my star race in an out-of-body experience, but when I wake, I cannot remember.

— Daniel, CA

Animal Whisperer: A Street Dog’s Redemption

Your Ever-Loving Pets
Kim Malonie

“This one is for all the street animals, my dearest friends! My name is Bianca, and I joined my beloved family on Thanksgiving 2004 when I was just over one year old. Like most shelter animals, the beginning of my life was traumatic. I was abused, neglected, and abandoned twice.

Medical Intuitive: Be Optimistic to Improve Your Health

Stacey Mayo

I have tightness in my chest, but it’s not a constant issue. When I exert myself, I feel short of breath. When I used to run, if I sprinted and then slowed down, I’d really feel as if I couldn’t get air.

Ask Erik: Be Honest to Live Authentically

Elisa Medhus

I want to talk to my parents about my sexual orientation (I’m gay), but it’s difficult for me because my mother is Catholic, and she has different ideas about this topic. My father comes from a family of male chauvinists.

Essences of Nature: Make the Right Choice

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We know what it feels like when we make the wrong choice: We suffer. We regret. We ruminate. We second-guess ourselves. We wish we had another chance. We feel stuck and stagnate.

Dream Zone: Face the Issues That Trouble You

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I dreamed a bee stung my ankle. An abscess appeared, so I squeezed it, and more bees came out! The bee that stung me laid eggs in my ankle, and they started to hatch. I freaked out. I went to the ER, but no one would help me. I kept squeezing the damn thing until it seemed they were all out.

Animal Whisperer: Saber-Toothed Soul Mates

Your Ever-Loving Pets
Kim Malonie

I just read your column in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. I always enjoy reading how you give the animals a voice. I love it! I was wondering why Bucky and Opal and I have always had a very close connection, almost as if we’re soul mates. Is that true?

Ask the Angels: Lift the Quality of Your Thoughts to Feel More Love

Cheryl Gaer Barlow

If there is a God, why are there wars, killings, and hatred all over this planet? If there is a God, wouldn’t love and happiness be all over the planet?

—Steven, Lubbock, TX

Akashic Answers: Recognize Your Call to Action

Amanda Romania

For the past few months, I felt confused and drained of energy, so I sought spiritual healing from a local Reiki master. She told me that a spirit had attached to my energy and, unaware that it had died, was living through it.

Ask Erik: Let Your Feelings Guide You

Elisa Medhus

I think you’ve pranked me a few times, Erik. Would that be right? I love connection through the veil.
— Barb S.


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