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Ask the Angels: Lift the Quality of Your Thoughts to Feel More Love

Cheryl Gaer Barlow

If there is a God, why are there wars, killings, and hatred all over this planet? If there is a God, wouldn’t love and happiness be all over the planet?

—Steven, Lubbock, TX

Akashic Answers: Recognize Your Call to Action

Amanda Romania

For the past few months, I felt confused and drained of energy, so I sought spiritual healing from a local Reiki master. She told me that a spirit had attached to my energy and, unaware that it had died, was living through it.

Ask Erik: Let Your Feelings Guide You

Elisa Medhus

I think you’ve pranked me a few times, Erik. Would that be right? I love connection through the veil.
— Barb S.

Benevolent Outcomes: The Universe Will Help

Tom T. Moore

Soon we’ll be in the dog days of August. Summer vacations are coming to an end, and planning begins for a new school year. You can request most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) for your late summer vacations and to find the best back-to-school deals.

Shamanic Wisdom: Basic Laws for Self-Actualization

Jan Engels-Smith

A sculptor was once asked how he created such marvelous results from the stone he worked.

EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: Soldier On!

Maria Yraceburu

Diiyin’s note: In the 2012 shift, energies began to cycle around the shifting magnetic grid. Some people noticed, and some did not. Some people knew why, and others did not. But every one of us knows something is going on.

Essences of Nature: The Big Picture

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

How often do we worry and wonder about how we landed where we are? We take inventory of choices made and not made, and sometimes we feel slighted by our decisions. Much of the time, we regret what we should have done, could have said, or would have acted on if we had known what we know now.

Akashic Answers: Create Balance in Transitional Times

Amanda Romania

I recently went on a spiritual weekend retreat where we were taught shamanic wisdom and many other energy techniques. Since my return, I have felt that my world has changed and I am not the same person. Is there something I can do to balance this?

Shamanic Wisdom: Awaken, Unburden, Create

Jan Engels-Smith

Many years ago, I worked with a client who was a doctor. His primary clientele were patients with spinal or brain injuries.

Benevolent Outcomes: Start with the Small Stuff

Tom T. Moore

This column has been published for over nine years, sharing amazing stories each month from people all over the world writing about this simple yet powerful tool that has made their lives less stressful, less fearful, and more successful.


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