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The Secret Wisdom of Animals

Kim Malonie

Catie: Hi, Kim. We have two rescue dogs: Bentley, who we’ve had for ten years, and Silk, who has been with us for two-and-a-half years. Although both have never quite loved each other, they’ve at least gotten along.

New Age Notes

Dyan Garris

Kimberly Haynes is an award-winning singer and songwriter who creates uplifting and inspiring music that is known for its soulful lyrics, rich melodies, and captivating rhythms. Her song, “Grant Us Peace,” recently won the New Age Notes Music Award for Best New Age Song.

EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web

Maria Yracébûrû

July 1: I manifest by spiritual ingenuity (starfish). A great river of feeling has carried us, like waters of trust, with innocence and knowing

The Crystal Garden

Margaret Ann Lembo

Crystals, minerals, and stones help you maintain mindfulness and focused intent. Mindfulness is the awareness of your thoughts and consciously choosing which thoughts you allow into your mind. We create our reality with every thought, word, and action.

Akashic Answers

Amanda Romania

This month, I am answering questions about past lives and how they currently interact with your akashic field and spiritual knowing.

Ask the Angels

Cheryl Gaer Barlow

From the angels: Heaven can be a place of rest before going to another life, and it is always Home to return to. A soul might remain in heaven forever or go to new lives. We don’t think of heaven as transitory. Heaven is wonderful and eternal, and its wonders do not end.

The Secret Wisdom of Animals

Kim Malonie

Sara: Rosie is a nine-month-old, spayed female boxer. She came with those marks on her head. Apparently, she was bitten at birth. She started having mild seizures a week after we brought her home, and we’re controlling them with a low dose of medication.

Essences of Nature

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We churn and burn for relationships. We want them, and we want them to be better. We model ourselves on what we think the other person wants, but in the process, we are not true to ourselves. If we don’t receive what we really want, we feel as if we’re settling.

Benevolent Outcomes

Tom T. Moore

Tom writes: We were traveling a long distance from home. It was late, and the car was almost out of gas. We stopped at two gas stations, but they were closed. I felt very nervous as we headed to what appeared to be the last station at the edge of the town we were in.

The Crystal Garden

Margaret Ann Lembo

It takes courage, confidence, and commitment to live to your fullest potential and awaken your spiritual wealth. Mindfulness and situational awareness are your allies as you develop trust, compassion, honesty, and openness.


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