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Passage Of Worlds Crop Circle

Crop Circle Group Coordinator
Robert Shapiro



Downloading a Friendly Universe

A Friendly Universe
Elke Siller Macartney

There may be those of you, as our cocreators in consciousness, who wish to take advantage of representatives such as we are for the higher selves in order to ask us the following question: "What is in our future?"

ETs Among Us: Help For Humanity

Mother Earth (Gaia) and Uilora
Pepper Lewis

This is our third meeting. I have enjoyed our time together, but Gaia tells me that this will most likely be our last shared experience. Is this your choice?

Signs Of Our New World Emerging

The Star Elders
Aluna Joy

During a ceremony circle with a group of old and new friends atop a red-rock vista in Sedona, Arizona, I received a message about the birth of the new world and how the dimensions are beginning to merge.

Not Yet

Marlene Buffa

When asked if she would continue to perform even after retirement, Beverly Sills was reported to have responded, "No. I've done that already." So many times we complacently stay within the boundaries of our comfort zones.

What, Why, Who, How, When, Where . . . If

Ruth Evelyn

The self-vortex activates when the four layers of the self align in commitment. The purpose of the vortex is for the mind to activate itself. It is the self that is the activating component of mind.

Essences of Nature: The Power of Starting Small

Mary Ann Antenucci

In our country (the United States), bigger is always seen as better. We want bigger houses; we want bigger salaries. We want bigger meals, and we want bigger toys. We want epic stories for our lives and our loves.


Ruth Evelyn

So much is misunderstood about wholeness in the walk of truth. It is no wonder we often find ourselves in pieces again and again and yet again. When I first considered wholeness in the context of the spiritual journey, I was rather defiant about it.

What Is Kundalini?

Gabriel Morris

More than fifteen years ago, when I was twenty-two, I experienced something known as a kundalini awakening. When it happened, I had no idea what had occurred. I didn't have a spiritual teacher, or guru, to look to for guidance.

Ets And The Gulf Oil Leak

The Pleiadian Light
Hannah Beaconsfield

Can you give us any information about the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico and if ETs could help us control it? Could ETs reveal themselves to the world through the means of giving us this assistance?


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