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Akashic Answers: Ending Relationships

Amanda Romania

At this time of year, I often receive many letters and emails regarding love, friendships, and relationships.

Ask the Angels: Souls Are Embraced in Heaven

Kim Malonie

Cheryl: These sacred messages were given to me by my holy angels. These words are to be cherished and received in a most humble manner as people of Earth bow to the holy angels, to God, and to all the entities of the heavens.

The Empath’s Portal: Keep Higher Frequencies In and Lower Frequencies Out

The Heart of the Mother
Sarah Weiss

The Heart of the Mother: Dear empath, I hear and feel you. Your yearning reaches my heart. I am here to support your highest evolution and greatest joy.

EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: Big Leaps for this Year

Maria Yraceburu

The focus of the human mind can change so swiftly from whirlwind to relaxed focus; I have learned this from my daily morning prayers.
February Prayers

Benevolent Outcomes: Develop the MBO Habit

Tom T. Moore

Kate writes: It is very warm in England at the moment, which is rare. We thought we would go to our gym, which has an outdoor pool, and we knew it would be packed. I requested an MBO to find seats near the pool.

The Crystal Garden: Invite the Divine into Your Relationships — Archangel Chamuel and Kunzite

Margaret Ann Lembo

Do you allow love into your life? Do you cultivate your existing relationships with love and attention? Do you need to heal wounds from previous relationships and leave those burdens outside to dissolve?

Dream Zone: Dreams Unveil Relationship Patterns

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

In my dream, my dog was walking in front of me and would not listen. When we got to the car, I opened the door for him to get in, but he kept walking. I got nervous but knew if I went to find him with the car, he would eventually get in.

Ask the Angels: Unlimited Possibilities Exist in Your Future

the Angels
Cheryl Gaer Barlow

One of your books mentions an opening to heaven, or a waiting area, where we go after we die. Is it necessary to go there? Do we all go there after death, or can we go straight to heaven? I’ve read about people who are reincarnated seconds after the old body dies. How can this be?

The Secret Wisdom of Animals: Better Days Are Coming

Kim Malonie

Kathy H., New York: I was referred to you by my friend, Molly. I would like to discuss my seven-month-old Polish dwarf bunny, Freya. I was going to have her spayed, but her bloodwork came back with high liver enzymes.

Essences of Nature: Build with the Materials You Have

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

What are we doing with what we have? This question can often be eclipsed by what is going on in our lives. We tend to focus on what is not working rather than what is working. This doesn’t mean we don’t want to problem-solve.


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