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The Crystal Garden: Taking a Small Action Is Better Than Doing Nothing

Margaret Ann Lembo

Is it time to transform a challenging situation? Do you need to shed layers of emotions and disappointment? It’s time to finalize the release of that which is old and worn. Let go of the past, and open your heart and mind to start anew. New opportunities and beginnings await you.

The Secret Wisdom of Animals: Tigers Are Not House Pets

Kim Malonie

Samuel: My name Is Samuel and I run a sanctuary for wild animals that have been dropped off because they are not wanted. I have a tiger named Carl, and he seems to be in pain. He’s become quite lethargic over the past few months, and he’s only four years old.

EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: Rejoice and Give Thanks

Maria Yraceburu

From the diiyin: Even in all this, never do I doubt, for these words are the truth of my experience. In fact, I rejoice that I am a messenger of words that carry power in a most sacred frequency.

Ask the Angels: Only One Way to Play the Game

the Angels
Cheryl Gaer Barlow

Why does the world want wars instead of peace?
— Cenda, Stockton, CA

Dream Zone: Set Healthy Boundaries

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I dreamed I was rubbing shards of glass on my toddler’s scalp as if it were a routine we did every morning, like brushing her hair. It was so weird. In the dream, she wasn’t in pain or anything, but her scalp was definitely bleeding while I rammed the shards of glass into her head.

Essences of Nature: Purpose and Prospects

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We have been interrupted. What we believe is normal, what we believe we need to do, and how we need to do it have been forever changed. Perhaps it is for the better. We are now in a position to take a look at where we are, what we have, and what god we have been serving.

Akashic Answers: Your Purpose Is Being Presented

Amanda Romania

Blessings and much love to you as I write from Sedona, Arizona. This month, I want to share the akashic messages from our galactic friends as I open up the Halls of the Amenti records.

Human Energy Systems: Energetic Defense Mechanisms

Charles Shahar

There are numerous ways we protect ourselves on an energetic level from what is happening around us. We learned these strategies as children when coping with situations that made us feel insecure. We used them to get what we needed or to gain a semblance of control over a situation.

The Empath’s Portal: You Become a Spiritual Adult Today

The Heart of the Mother
Sarah Weiss

The Heart of the Mother: You have received the transmission of the Heart of the Mother. You live within me; you are my child. You know you are loved, nourished, and empowered by my heart. Today, everything changes.

Traditional Insights into Yoga: Adhomukha Svanasana, or Downward Facing Dog

Mally Paquette

Adho means downward, Mukha means face, and Svan means dog. This wonderful pose calms the mind and creates the sacred geometry of a triangle. This formation represents the Holy Trinity:


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