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Animal Whisperer

Your Ever-Loving Pets
Kim Malonie

This is my story, and I’m so excited to tell you, so pull up a chair and get cozy. My name is George, and I’m a very young, vibrant, strong, exuberant German shepherd. I was taking my mother for a walk through the woods recently.

Essences of Nature: Embrace Softness to Find Strength

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We want to feel strong. We want to feel strong to feel safe. We may feel that the stronger we are, the better we can take care of ourselves. So we exercise. We take our supplements. We try to get enough sleep. We pay extra attention to the type of fuel we put in our bodies.

Dream Zone

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,

Medical Intuitive

Stacey Mayo

Note: The information herein is for educational purposes only.

Ask the Angels

Cheryl Gaer Barlow

My life is always the same: go to work, come home, try to do good. Lately I’ve been wondering, “Why am I here?” What are we here for? Could you ask the angels for me?

— Julie, Cody, WY

Mentor Link

Pepper Lewis

Welcome to Mentor Link, an interactive, cocreative question-and-answer forum. I began writing for the Sedona Journal of Emergence! in 1994, more than twenty years ago.

Animal Whisperer: To Crate or Not to Crate

Your Ever-Loving Pets
Kim Malonie

Hi Kim,

The question we have is for Hercules. He was left to die tied to a tree in a field. The SPCA was notified and rescued him. Apparently he was a couple of days short of death.

Akashic Answers

Amanda Romania

Hi Amanda,

World Prayer Web

Maria Yraceburu

It is through direct, personal experience that we own the relationship to the universal evolution, and as starseed humans we exist.

Prayers for
January 2016

Shamanic Wisdom

Jan Engels-Smith

“Faeries, come take me out of this dull world, For I would ride with you upon the wind….”

— W. B. Yeats, The Land of Heart’s Desire


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