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Chakra Healing

Brotherhood of Light
Edna Frankel

Greetings, dear ones, from the Brotherhood of Light. As always, we surround and protect you with great love from the nonphysical realms. The new year of 2015 rolls in with the potential for new possibilities and opportunities.

Change Is Inevitable

The Angels of Light
Thelma Bodnar

Dear ones, there is a union of all that is coming forth on the horizon. What does this mean to you in the coming days? Your time here has been foretold for millennia, and now your time here is the grand embarking of what you have chosen for yourself.

Rejoice and Return to the Sacred Ways

Isis of Thebes and Karnak
Beverley Bright Star

Hello, my good friends. It is always good to speak with you again. What I wish to impart to you, the children of Earth, and my many, many Isis followers is that it is time to begin anew, my Earth friends.

Humanity's Great Garbage Digestion

The Cosmic Council of Light
Pat Crosby

A famous teaching story tells of a man who watched in fascination for years as his next-door neighbor dutifully watered a dead-looking stick in his yard every day. "Strange, bizarre ritual," he thought to himself.

Earth Is Calling; Are You Listening?

Chief Geronimo and the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
Star Hinman

To those of you on Earth now, I bring this message: Earth is calling to each of you now to align with her wisdom and energies to prepare you for the changes that are coming for your planet!

The Re-creation of the New World

Mahaavatar Babaji
Rae Chandran

Hello, precious ones. My deepest love to all of you, for all of you are soul extensions of the Creator, as am I.

Walk in the Light of the Creator

Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde
Blue Turtle

Beloved children of the Creator, it is a most sacred time of the year for the celebration of the longest night and the shortest day. As you prepare spiritually for the winter solstice, you must know that you can never lose sight of your starbeing.

The New Wave

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
Judith Coates

Beloved one, you are feeling a change in the energies that you are creating around yourself. Now, there is no one outside of you who is creating this. You are the creator of your reality. We have spoken of that many, many times.

Return to the Light in Consciousness

The Tree People
Joshua Davis

We have never felt so hopeful as we do now, for we know that in the coming year, more of Earth's people will fall in love with trees. More of you will awaken to the great wisdom of trees and come to appreciate us for the grand conscious beings we are.

The Rising Trend of Sleeplessness


Statistics indicate that sleep deprivation is on the rise. Once the natural and regenerative gift of humankind, it is now becoming a rare and prized commodity.


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