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Feminine Energy Does Not Come in Wearing Combat Boots

Feminine Energy Does Not Come in Wearing Combat Boots The Pleiadians through Sylvia Bucek

By the end of 2012, you had recovered the energetic template that your soul came into the world with, and you took your first conscious step in the Promised Land. From this vantage point, you see that being in the Promised Land is a continuum of life in the beautiful Garden of Eden that you have known from the start. Momentarily you may forget that you are still here, now, but even though it may slip your mind from time to time, you understand that it is possible to be here without knowing it, as though your mind has a life of its own — like a virtual reality that you enter at will and forget how to escape.

The moment you open your heart to the sacred nature of creation, you recover the energetic template that your soul resonates with, and you are well on the way toward remembering the sacred foundation at the core of your beautiful Earth. In this sacred space, you get in touch with your essential self and begin to remember your own divine heritage and core.

Focus on Compassion

The challenge of the year 2013 has been to identify and resolve the various blocks that have kept you in the dark. Basically, this year sees you moving through the dark night of the soul into light.