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Life Is an Inside Job

Life Is an Inside Job The Lion People through Ellyn Dye

Are you having fun yet? Have you let go of the old and fully embraced the new? That was the challenge of 2013, and the same challenge will continue in 2014, so you will have many opportunities to practice until it becomes second nature. And it will take practice. The most important thing to know about this now moment is that everything has changed — yes, everything. The new has arrived, even if the evidence shows up incrementally.

You have set yourselves an enormous task to voluntarily and consciously shift from one longstanding and familiar paradigm (that only served the few) to something totally new and seemingly contrary to what you have always known and believed (that will serve the many). What amazing beings you are to decide to play this game — and with blindfolds, no less. It has never been played before in this way, so you must do it all without a manual, which is exceedingly hard when everyone has been taught so well to play by the rules.

Resistance Does Not Prevent Change

In the new, you make up the rules as you go along, based on love. Then you use the universal feedback loop of your outward manifestations and emotional equilibrium to gauge where you are going and how it is working for you, making any necessary course corrections. All this makes for exciting, exhilarating — and, yes, chaotic and terrifying — times.