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The Call to Fulfill Your Complete Nature

The Call to Fulfill Your Complete Nature Mother of Light through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of light, as the new year approaches, I sense a great awakening in many of you to your divine purpose. Powerful angelic forces gather strength in order to subdue and vanquish evil. Anything not of the light energy will be dissipated and destroyed by love and compassion through your efforts.

You are becoming guardians and messengers of the divine being. You are able to completely surrender to your highest good and your destiny. You will repair all the damage that has been done by war, violence, and grief. You must now live the light that shines through you and of which you are a part.

Each of you will take your holy, rightful place in the New Jerusalem. The Kingdom of God on Mother Earth will flourish within your unified sustenance and embrace. The fractious forces of negativity cannot hold you back and continue to flourish. Your devoted, nurturing hands cannot be tied by limitations and scarcity that are not real and true.