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Understanding Angels

The White Light Angels
Jill Harrison

Blessings! We are the White Light Angels. We come today to explain the true nature and role of angels. As angels, we have no form; we are not defined by shape, size, or consciousness.

Conversations with Bob

Bob Hughes
Norma Hughes

In early May 2012, my husband, Bob, transferred into spirit, just short of our fiftieth anniversary. He had developed pancreatic cancer. He was very strong up until the last two days when he became too weak to get up.

How to Deal with the Changing Energies

Papa Juan
Beatriz Jimpson

We have perceived confusion on the issue of global cosmic webs. These are some of the questions that we have heard and would like to give you clarification on: What are these webs? Is there more than one or is it all-encompassing? What are the names of these webs?

Onereon Sabbatical and the Cycles of Seven

Jeff Michaels

For over a decade, the words of Onereon have been a flow of thoughts and ideas, perceptions and visions, from just slightly beyond the realm of gravity.

Starting December 26, 2013, a Life Spark of Another Self Is Awakening within You

Aide to Gabriel
Arthur Fanning

What we have now, weメre having a contest between spiritual forces on your planet right now: force against force. The confrontation of spirit within and without the physical body is the recognition of more, something more than yourself.

You Are Always Connected to Source

All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be
Elliott Eli Jackson

This information need not include too much verbiage. It is a universal truth; therefore, it is simple. All spiritual truths are simple. Of course, it is the mental portion of your wonderful beings that complicates and convolutes information.

The Seasons, the Hemispheres, the Environment, and Self-Care

Papa Juan
Beatriz Jimpson

As scientists of your planet and humankind, we have found you to be very interesting and humorous creatures. Please do not misunderstand; we find great pleasure in observing you and examining the unique way you process life and situations in your minds and reflect it back into your environment.

Panda Bear Energy Helps Humans Resolve Conflicts

Panda Bear Spirit
Robert Shapiro

Panda Bear Spirit.

Oh, how wonderful, welcome!

Thank you.

What would you like to talk about?

I am available. Do you have any questions?

The Energy of Prayer

The Integrator
Arthur Fanning

As you begin to learn manifestation, the expectation of the thought manifesting can interfere with the arrival of the manifestation. Because of the anticipation energy there, modification energy is required to delete the anticipation because of the presentation from prayer.

Living through the Lens of Love

The Sage Council
Jonni Gray

We wish to talk of the practical application of living through the lens of love. Many of you have integrated love into your physical bodies, into your energy fields, and into your daily lives.


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