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The Seer Almine: The Herald of Change

The Seer Almine: The Herald of Change Almine

The nature of change can be either a cataclysmic or a graceful metamorphosis from one level of existence to another. Cataclysmic change comes from the surface and forces us into re-evaluation and the eventual adjustment of core beliefs. Graceful change is precipitated by a deep and profound shift of core attitudes and beliefs. This foundational adjustment filters into the surface experiences of everyday life, resulting in graceful and supported change.

The future is written in the moment. If we abandon the moment by fearing or anticipating the future, we forfeit the priceless gift of the moment. We lose the ability to not only determine the quality of our existence, but the way in which change will occur — gracefully or cataclysmically.

We are standing on the cusp of a deep core shift in cosmic and planetary existence. This will most certainly filter into the surface conditions of everyday life. Whether we experience these changes with grace or trauma depends on how fluidly we can synchronize our deep inner change with the profound and fundamental changes taking place at the heart of existence.