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What Lies ahead in Our Future

What Lies ahead in Our Future All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

Channel's Note: As we walk into 2013, a hope for a better Earth is imperative. This is especially true in the face of how conditions on our planet appear to be. But the keyword here is appear. In reality, the mass consciousness is rising higher and higher each second, each minute, and each day.

The New Year and Beyond

Firstly, be it known to you that you are loved with a universal love by us and that sometimes the remembrance of this is beyond your personal understanding. This inability to remember is often dictated by the mental portion of your being. Nevertheless, we love and forgive you always. We love you no matter what you have been told in the past — or may be told in the future — by those who have not yet remembered the divinity of it all. Our love for all on planet Earth and beyond is without exception or condition. More and more of you will come to this understanding. This is the main truth — or prediction, if you choose that word — that we inform you of.

Secondly, we of course know and do inform you that nothing will cease on December 21, 2012 — except for the conclusion of that day in that which you call history. Additionally, you should take hold of the fact that the Sun always rises. So, too, does and will the spirit of man and woman, until all of you have returned to the oneness.