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Your Ascended Grid Awaits

Your Ascended Grid Awaits The Ancient One through Solene

It is in welcome that I stand on this plane of reality. I come from the finer dimensions to bring messages through the beings who have held their light in truth and right action. The beings who speak through compassion, through love, through peace, and through harmony are with you. These beings speak through activation of the awareness of the truth of their own beings and an understanding of the wholeness of life. Through this light of their own being, they stand to bring voice to this crucial cosmic alignment, to new stargates, and to the divine plan.

Two Separate Energies

There are many who speak of other things — of conspiracy, of demise, of deceit. These, my dear ones, are part of a whole picture of a current reality on your Earth plane. Two separate energies have emerged among you: one of bliss and one of conspiracy. These two create a whole picture. Shall you see it in its entirety? Do you see duality here? All possible realities are being expressed to you at this most important time for Terra. The many beings speaking of the many things in their entirety are wholeness, for you cannot stand in just one energy or the other. You must stand as one sovereign being and see the biggest of pictures — that all possible realities are images projected from you and that, if you choose, you can step out of the holographic memory systems and into a creator reality. If you choose.

There are beings who will call to you and say, "Come see the conspiracies and injustice in this world. Empathize with me. Can't you feel the pain?" And you can join them and step to their side to be bound by an energy of demise, of death, and locked into the mass consciousness grid called "victimhood." Or you can choose.