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The Extraterrestrial DNA Activation

The Extraterrestrial DNA Activation The Pleiadians through Abby Isadora Haydon

We are coming again to tell you that when the new harmonics of 2013 begin, you will start to see your life and your nature change. You are now beginning to open up to the new frequencies that are bombarding your world. These frequencies will be stimulating your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. This stimulation will begin to activate the latent extraterrestrial remnants embodied within the genetic coding of your physical form.

Extraterrestrial Seeds Planted in Your DNA

This stimulation will begin to unfold in many ways within your life. This will happen differently for each individual. Some of you have a greater reservoir of extraterrestrial filaments that you hold within your being in what you call your DNA. It is the blueprint, so to speak, of your life energy. It is the format through which your life on this world manifests. Little is known by the people of your world as to how DNA functions. You seem to understand that it is the design that regulates how you will look, think, and experience your world. We can only say at this point that it does more than you can ever imagine.

This structure within each cell of your body provides many services for you that you are not yet able to understand. We would not want to give you too much information at this time, yet we feel that we must share a bit of what will happen in this new year. The new frequencies approaching your planet in this year of 2013 will stimulate the latent gifts given to you by beings such as ourselves who have visited your planet for many millennia.