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New Heights of Awakening Consciousness

New Heights of Awakening Consciousness Mother of Light through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of light, the new year of light is upon you! You can now concentrate on fulfilling your heartfelt dreams as the great waves of Spirit resonate throughout the universe to propel you to achieve your destiny.

Awakening Inwardly and Outwardly to Your Potential Power

The power of darkness and evil has been diminished significantly by your unified efforts to transform life. The fear, panic, and devastation being created by the dark forces using the media, business, and government are being revealed by the truth of their hideous, destructive actions.

People all over the world are awakening to their potential power through Spirit and the hateful deeds being perpetuated on them. Protesters continue to bring the crucial issues of abundance, opportunity, and democracy to the forefront of their demands. You are empowering each other as a giant wave reaching out to catapult positive change into the world. There is no stopping the tremendous, positive force you are fully aligned with.