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The Time Is Now to Put on the Mantle of Your Mastery

The Time Is Now to Put on the Mantle of Your Mastery Golden Dolphin Avatars from Sirius B through Nina Brown

The flow of energy that surrounds each one of you is more pronounced on this day after the solar flare and now during the magnetic pull of the full moon. We glide and play with you as you read our message so that all that you are experiencing will be put into perspective. Perhaps you wonder, “What is it that makes me tired, makes me forget, makes me dizzy at times?” Dear ones, you know the answer. It is the dimensional shift that you have entered and are experiencing. We ask now, more fervently than before, that you gather in pods. Gather in a safe space and speak with each other about what you are experiencing. Do not do this separately. Fear, anxiety, and concern will be the result of standing alone in the dark with questions unanswered. When you are in fellowship and you see and hear that you are not alone, then your mind can relax and you can begin to enjoy the fascination of all that is occurring.

The time is now for you to put on the mantle of your mastery. That is what you are experiencing. You are being redressed. The old garments are being removed and the Elohim are redressing you in mantles of gold. Do you feel the vibrant energy emanated from these robes? They are the golden skin that we also embody. This is the time of pure gold. It is all about frequency. The frequency that surrounds you is the frequency that you are becoming. Do not resist, but surrender, trust, allow, and receive the gifts from the divine Creator that are being given to you by means of us, the Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B.

Why are you being gifted? You are being gifted because we honor you, dear ones. You are the ones who have returned to planet Earth at this time of shift, of change. You are the courageous ones who came back to try one more time to anchor the golden age of divine love. We are all gifting you honor, respect, support, and most importantly, love. We cannot do this work for you. We can only support you on your journey. You are the ones. You are the ones here now to be the anchors of what in the past has never been anchored. The golden age of Atlantis, the golden age of Egypt, all the golden ages did not reach the tipping point — they did not remain. You are the ones who will be successful.