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Amplify Your Thought Fields For Personal and Planetary Healing

Amplify Your Thought Fields For Personal and Planetary Healing Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings. I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Thought fields are an important aspect in understanding the dimensions, in understanding the relationship between dimensions, and also in understanding your soul and your soul history. The thought field is like other fields that are present in the third dimension. For example, you have electromagnetic fields, you have gravitational fields, and you even have quantum energy fields. The fields in these instances are interacting with each other. You have all seen the demonstration of how magnets interact with each other. There are many other examples in the physical world of the field energies that exist in the third dimension.

Perhaps you have not considered that thought and the process of your thinking also creates a field. Your thoughts create a field just like the electromagnetic energies create fields. The fields of thought have properties similar to the electromagnetic fields. In fact, the thought fields also have similarities to the quantum energy fields.

Your Souls Were Attracted to the Unique Thought Fields of This Era

I think it is helpful to begin the discussion of thought fields by discussing incarnations and discussing eras that you incarnate into. A good example would be the era known as the Renaissance, when there was great openness to new ideas, new discoveries were being made, and the arts and the sciences were beginning to flourish. New discoveries were being made. This era was destined. This era had an electromagnetic force and a thought-field force. Souls who are progressive souls, souls who were inventors, and souls who were great thinkers became attracted to the energy of that era. Therefore, many of them congregated and began to incarnate at that time. You can say that the thought field of an era is so strong that souls who are attracted to the field will begin to incarnate in order to experience that field of light, the field of energy, that in this example was known as the Renaissance.