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Take Responsibility for Your Own Ascension

Take Responsibility for Your Own Ascension The Pleiadian Light through Hannah Beaconsfield

Reaching the year 2012 is a power point for your mass consciousness. It was revealed in your antiquity and carried through your ages as a focal point for change. The dissemination of this information in your most recent history, through your ubiquitous electronic communications, has created an energy gestalt around this point greatly augmenting its power in support of the predicted transformation.

Arriving at this year in your world’s progress has released this accumulated energy with an explosive force that will speed the integration of the new reality patterns into your world consciousness more swiftly than the already hyperaccelerated time flow you are experiencing.

Processing and Integrating the Changes

This force is rattling the foundations of so many individuals, institutions, and specificity-grouped masses. Beliefs, life values, cultural constructs, and the entire mosaic of life on Earth are being shaken up. The first rush of this energy of change can be disorienting, uplifting, frightening, or hardly noticed at all, depending on how, when, and where you are receiving it. The next phase of the transformation will involve the processing and integration of these changes, allowing them to find their own level and expression through each world aspect including each human individual.