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Managing Your Emotions, Your Consciousness, and Your Expansion

Managing Your Emotions, Your Consciousness, and Your Expansion Archangel Gabriel through Lotus Fire

Greetings, oh precious ones. I am Archangel Gabriel, lord of the Moon, ruler of the inner and outer tides, coming to you with arms wide open in loving embrace.

Take Care of the Inner and Outer Tides of Your Bodies and Your Planet

The waters of your bodies and the waters of the oceans, streams, rivers, and lakes of your Earth are the waters to which I refer as the inner and outer tides. In order to be expressed and felt, your emotions are extremely dependent on fluids, including the water of your body. There are some on the planet among the human race and other races who have more or less water in their bodies, and this regulates the intensity with which these various beings feel feelings. For water, you see, is the medium for the transmission of feeling. Therefore it is important to take care of the water in your body and on your planet in order to handle your feelings in a way that is manageable during these intense times surrounding the precession of the equinoxes.

As things speed up toward this target date on the Mayan calendar, emotions may become more difficult for you. It is becoming easier to move into the place called fear because this is the place where humans in the old energy naturally went in the face of change. At this time, you are faced with rapid, massive change; therefore your ingrained old energy patterns will allow many to go to fear. This is not advisable.