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Be True to Your Special Flavor

Be True to Your Special Flavor Saint Germain through Ray Dawn

Hello to you! It is I, Saint Germain, here to be with you all in resonance with All That Is. Each of you is here to be your own flavor of essence, your own way of seeing and being upon this Earth. Each of you has gifts to share with others and to speak from your own knowingness and in your own signature.

We wish to speak to each of you of the heartbreaks of your own way of doing things — your way of being that you question. This causes you heartbreaks or breaks, for you question yourselves: “Is this correct?” “What will others think or do by my telling or speaking my truth?”

Dear ones, it is time for you to be fearless in this. It is time for you to be fully in your own way. The time now holds great discoveries for you — coming into new ways of being within your own beingness. It is time to discover your way of doing things, your own unique way.