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Your Training Is Over

Your Training Is Over Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

What does dial-up ascension mean? You all have been working to ascend since you came into physical incarnation. Earth is a school of hard knocks, and it presented over and over all the pitfalls found in lifetime after lifetime. You knew this coming in, but you were my bravest, most courageous goddesses. The lessons here were constantly coming and required skill and courage.

You ask, “Why ascension?” You are great and powerful goddesses of the makeup of the God/Goddess. You began life as gods and goddesses, so why do you have to jump through hoops to be who you really are? This is because every lesson learned gives you insight into the creation of new worlds of perfection, of perfect love. You might think, why learn hate and anger if we are made of pure love? Experience is the answer.