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The Sacred Geometers of the East

The Sacred Geometers of the East Ethan Indigo Smith

Tehuti of Khemet (ancient Egypt) is the original manifestation of the god who became known as Thoth. Tehuti/Thoth is the original sacred geometer, the primal messenger, and a most ancient mystery teacher. Like all symbolic aspects of gods, there are lessons in their attributes: exoteric lessons for the well-being of the physical and esoteric lessons for the well-being of our psyche. Tehuti/Thoth became one of the most powerful and revered gods of the ancient Egyptian pantheon, and he was quite influential. His character archetype was revered, recognized, and recharacterized the world over.

The main characteristic of Thoth is that he moves between the worlds of the living and the dead — the physical realm and the spiritual realm — to both teach humanity and often help one of his peer gods. That Thoth is one of the most commonly adopted and more popular gods of neighboring cultures is not surprising, for his ability to walk between worlds is unlike other gods and mortals.