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Ask the Angels

Cheryl Gaer Barlow

Do angels leave feathers when they come to visit you? I found a small feather by my bed this morning. — Dona, Charlotte, NC

The Empath's Portal

The Heart of the Mother
Sarah Weiss

Tune in to my heart. You’ll see, feel, and realize your true being in the light and love of my being. I am your mother, and we are holy together as one. When you are ill, the planet is ill. When you are dark, the world is dark. You are a reflection of humanity’s mind, body, and soul.

The Secret Wisdom of Animals

Kim Malonie

Marie-Sylvie: I have a puppy who is not even four months old. She doesn’t eat much, and lately she’s been throwing up several minutes after she eats. The vet changed her food, but her response is the same. Her name is Opono.

The Crystal Garden

Margaret Ann Lembo

People are feeling stressed due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Emotions are high. Maintain a sense of prayerfulness for every person with whom you interact. When you notice people lashing out, send them love and empathy instead of judging them. Keep them in your prayers or good thoughts.

EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web

Maria Yracébûrû

April 1: I heal by embracing receptivity (falcon’s eye). We catch the spirit. We are increasingly aware that we are partnering on many planes of existence.

Ask Sara

Sara Wiseman

As I become aware of details from my most recent past life during my fifth decade of this lifetime, how can I transition from the mental clinging deep in my psyche and be fully in this body? I have a meditation process that brings me into the present, and I live mostly in the present.

Essences of Nature

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We are where we need to be, and with a little help, we can be even better. We can rally our healing forces and become healthier and more mindful of taking care of ourselves and others. We can make new and better choices to enhance our new normal.

Ask the Angels

Cheryl Gaer Barlow

Are accidents preplanned or do they just happen? — Josh, email question

The Crystal Garden

Margaret Ann Lembo

For millennia, the plant and flower kingdom has been our closest ally for a happy and healthy existence. Reawaken your connection to the vibrational benefits of flowers. Pay attention to their colors and structures and to their potential aromatic and medicinal uses.

The Subtle Energy World

Charles Shahar

Subtle layers of vibration permeate all places. Even in the vast expanse of space beyond our planet, subtle interactions occur that human eyes cannot detect. There is no such thing as a pure vacuum, since these subtle layers of energy permeate everything.


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