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Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

Pay Attention to Your Thoughts Isis through Robert Shapiro

All right, this is Isis. Now, I have something to say. There are others here supporting this announcement. You are now almost in a time of instantaneous manifestation. While some of you will feel, “Oh, this is wonderful,” there’s something you need to know, because it’s already beginning and has been going on for about thirty months. What’s happening first is that which is most prominent in your consciousness, and for most of you, that is your worries. They might be very small worries, or they might be big worries. The reason there has been so much drama is because what are being manifested are your fears, worries, doubts, and so on.
I have some suggestions for you, and the first one is the most important. Pay attention to what you’re thinking. If you are worrying and you’ve already done what you can to assuage the situation — fix it so that it’s better — and there’s nothing else you can do, when you notice you are worrying, stop immediately and start thinking about something else. This is very important because you are on a track that cannot be altered of re-creating your most benevolent selves as your day-to-day selves, which are essentially your spirit selves.
This does not mean that you’re going to suddenly go out of your bodies like some other species are doing as they return to their native states (birds falling out of the sky and so on). That is not going to happen to you as human beings on this planet. What will happen is that you will manifest what you are most urgently thinking about. So pay attention. If you are worrying and you’ve done what you can about it, stop dwelling on it, and start thinking about what is the most urgent thing you would like to do, even if it seems impossible.