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Pan Is Showing Up

Pan Is Showing Up Ariel through Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings. We are here. I want to prepare you for something. You've been listening to this information for a while now, and it's always been to prepare you for something coming. Well, I'm going to tell you this right now. The great god Pan is beginning to show up, and when he comes around you, behind you, his wings point upward above you, way above your head. You'll know it's him. He's real. He's part of your education process, the understanding of him.

He knows who Jehovah is, and if you doubt it, remember, "Lord God Jehovah rebukes thee oh Satan." You have to put that being in its place to succeed in who you are in the understanding of yourself. You're in it now. I told you about the Ten Commandments, left side, first four, right side, the other six. Now you can see the difference in the commandments themselves. Four have to do with God; the other six have to do with humankind's consciousness and obedience to God.

There's a thing called "thy will be done" in the prayers, and if you're not doing "thy will be done," you're going to have problems. Pan's the one who's going to teach the nature of the aspects of this thing, one of them. You're in that class now. I'm telling you this. You're in the class. You're in the class.