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The Medical Intuitive

The Medical Intuitive Jason Ward

My arrival into the world was a bit different than it is for most newborn babies. The emergency C-section was performed by the hospital's head surgeon. The surgeon ran next to my mother on the gurney and introduced himself, saying to my mom,"It's your lucky day. My surgeries were rescheduled and there are no other babies being born right now, so I am going to perform your C-section."

This hospital surgery room in Wichita, Kansas, had a skylight directly over the surgery table. The delivery nurse called out my birth information to the stats nurse: "Baby boy born at twelve minutes to twelve noon." My mom recalls not only how odd it sounded to hear the birth time being said differently than a simple 11:48, but also how the surgeon firmly held her right arm and pointed up to the skylight. With all eyes looking up, he said, "Look, a the total eclipse of the Sun. I don't know much about all that astrology and star stuff, but I think you have a very special baby boy here!" The date was February 26, 1979, the last total solar eclipse of the Sun visible in our western hemisphere, with the next eclipse not due to arrive until August 21, 2017. Without my mom even realizing she was going with the flow of the universe's plan, she named me Jason, which means healer. Now the story begins.