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Getting Past the Past

Stefanie Miller

The energy of change is upon us. So much has occurred in recent times, yet in many ways things look very much the same. It's as if we are looking through the corners of our eyes and can see glimpses from the past as well as what is to come, snapshots into the future.

The Healing Power of Gemstones

Teresa Maron

The energy of life exists in all creation—in its purest form as light, and at its most dense as granite. Everything we see, feel, think, say, and experience is energy, vibrating with an imprint all its own.

Staying Positive In the Face of Tragedy

Wendy Zellea

Many of us wonder why tragedies happen. Lately the question has been asked much more frequently due to the earthquakes, tsunamis, and wars occurring all over the world.

Spiritual Travels

Robert Scheer

Stone circles are enchanted places. Across the British Isles are numerous groups of ancient standing stones associated with colorful legends, many of which involve fairies and magic.

Sacred Geometry

Bruce Rawles

Inclusive Geometry for Ascension

We are the prisoners of the prisoners we have taken.
—Johnny Clegg and Savuka,
from the song "Jericho"

Navigating the Collapse of Time

David Ian Cowan


Adventues for Children

Lynne Cox

Firefly Adventure

It is bedtime. As you turn out your light and take a quick peak out your window, you are surprised to see several fireflies dancing in the dark. "Angel, come see the fireflies," you say, giggling as you watch them begin blinking their lights on and off.

Tarot Card Readings

Anne Cullum

Dear Anne,

Essences of Nature: Trusting Our Truth

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We all know—or at very least have heard—about the value of body wisdom. We can feel it as a hunch, butterflies in the belly, a gut feeling, or a knowing.

Random Acts of Senseless Myths

Jeri Castronova

Excerpt from Paint the Sky and Dance: Women and the New Myths


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