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Animal Whisperer: Smokey the Toy Arranger

Animal Whisperer: Smokey the Toy Arranger Your Ever-Loving Pets through Kim Malonie

Dear Kim,

My cat, Smokey, has been scratching himself on his feet, head, and the sides of his body and face since November. I have given him several baths for fleas and ticks, and still he keeps scratching. I think I made a mistake by taking him out to the park. He was on the grass, then in the shrubs. In the park, there are all kinds of birds and squirrels. I took him to the vet, who gave him omega-3 oil because he thinks Smokey has dry skin. My cat stayed at the clinic for two weeks while I was away for my holiday.

I’m also very perplexed as to why he arranging his toys in patterns and groups that change sometimes on a daily basis, so I am sending a picture of how Smoky arranges his toys, lining some up side by side and grouping others together. I often tell him what a genius he is, and I wonder who really lives inside that furry coat.

I feed Smokey Purina Cat Chow, Fancy Feast, and Meow Mix. He also likes people food. I also sometimes give him tuna in spring water, and he has wheat grass to munch on because he is an indoor cat.