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Akashic Answers: Explore a New World

Akashic Answers: Explore a New World Amanda Romania

Dear Amanda,

For some time, I have been thinking about leaving my job as a hotel manager and my home in New York City. Ten years ago, I was really happy here and had many opportunities. Now everything seems to be stalling or breaking up.

I read spiritual books and go to yoga to rebalance and reset, but nothing works. Is this karma? Do I have a contract to fulfill? What do the records say?

— Megan, NYC

Dear Megan: I’m so sorry you have reached such a frustrating point in life. New York City is indeed a very karmic place, as it is a city that many souls move through to new starts and new lives. Remember that Ellis Island was a place for people to transition to a new world. I also feel that New York carries traces of the ancient Atlantis energy, so it is a powerful place.

Your records show a new start for you, so a change would be great. Your city contracts have been fulfilled, and your lessons have been learned. It is as if you are starting a new life.