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Shamanic Wisdom: Re-create Yourself

Jan Engels-Smith

Recently I did an interview that I thought would be of interest to my readers.

Essences of Nature: From Had Enough to Being Enough

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Let us make a shift this year. Let us take a long, hard look at what we have been focusing on. How have we obsessed about our fears and of what may or may not happen? Have we focused on all the missteps and misdeeds of what can go wrong?

The Secret Wisdom of Animals: I Will Find My Way Back to You, Dad

Kim Malonie

My dad’s name is Joe, and he lives in a retirement home. As his health declined, it was no longer safe for him to live at home. It was hard for him to make friends, so he stayed in his room a lot because he didn’t know anybody there.

Dream Zone: Dreams as Warnings

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I dreamed my husband’s truck broke down, and he rode in an invisible car to go pick it up. It was super cold and windy out. Then suddenly a cop told him he missed his meeting, which he didn’t know he had.

Shamanic Wisdom: The Truths Learned through Soul Retrieval

Jan Engels-Smith

Many people have been inculcated with the idea that we are born into sin and that human beings are flawed. In my work, I have watched people struggle with self-worth and the belief that they are not good enough to be loved unconditionally simply for being who they are.

Ask the Angels: The Sound of Your Souls Is Heard through the Universe

the Angels
Cheryl Gaer Barlow

Your books talk so much about the power of thought. Can we really help others by just thinking about them? Seriously? We can think thousands of useless thoughts, but isn’t it more important what we say in words?

— Charlie S., Pueblo, CO

Akashic Answers: Wealth and Abundance in 2019

Amanda Romania

Welcome to 2019! I am delighted to be presenting you with insights and observances from the akashic records. This year, 2019, is a 3 year, which means it is a year for joy, self-expression, and communication.

EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: Life Is Magic

Maria Yraceburu

Note from diiyin: Know that I smile as I envision you reading this. My mission is to give you words of power that flow through emotions, directly into your heart of hearts. I believe you might be touched by their sentiment.

January Prayers

Benevolent Outcomes: Make Life Easier by Requesting Assistance

Tom T. Moore

My guardian angel says that requesting most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) in your daily life not only makes life easier but also has a couple of fantastic side benefits. It keeps you on your soul contract (or soul path).

Essences of Nature: Essences for Evolution

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Here we are again facing a new year and new prospects. We are navigating what is, what we have, what we want, and where we are going. We take a look around and might not recognize what we see. We are making temporary peace with chaos.


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