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Ask Sara Sara Wiseman

Last year, I sensed my soulmate would be in my life soon, and I tried to seek advice from an astrologer in my city. He asked me to do some rituals to make my love life flourish, and it did. It really happened, and it was amazing. I met my love through social media, and we were happy chatting with each other for almost three months. We never met, because when we tried to arrange a date, we were always busy with work. We had intuitive communication, and he could finish my sentences. Unfortunately, he suddenly became distant without any last words, and I felt depressed. I tried to contact him a few times but got no answer. I’ve tried to move on and meet other online friends, but it’s not going well. I am really tired and confused about why he’s distant. Please guide me, here. — Breanna

From Sara: You are right to think that you can sense when you will meet a soulmate. If we are aware and pay attention to every little thing, we can easily know when an important person will arrive in our lives. That said, there are three different kinds of soulmates, and they all show up to help us learn our karmic or soul lessons in this lifetime. The first type of soulmate is the person with whom karma is instantly resolved: You meet suddenly, your karma is resolved almost immediately, and you move on. You have no need to have any other interactions, because your karma is complete.