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Traditional Insights into Yoga

Traditional Insights into Yoga Mally Paquette

The full-lotus pose is a challenge for many, but the half-lotus pose can have similar benefits and be more enjoyable. All the seated poses create a conducive meditation state because the spine is erect and alignment delivers a state of present awareness. Meditation can be done in any seated posture; however, the full lotus pose is the most desirable. In the full expression of padmasana, the head/mind does not lean into the future or pull you back into the past.

In this ancient pose, the ankles and feet stretch actively. The feet turning upward toward the light bring the soles of the feet into a powerful mudra. The spine locks and the root spinal nerves stabilize the posture. This brings additional blood flow and renews pranic currents throughout the body. Sushumna, the central channel of the spine in the subtle body, has a direct flow leading you to a state of samadhi (altered and blissful consciousness).