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Essences of Nature: Face the White

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We all have times when we need to restart something. This can be a daunting process. Where do we begin? What do we commit to? Will our efforts lead us down the wrong path? Will we get lost? How do we manage the intimidating glare of the blank slate?

Animal Whisperer: Muushu Gets Spooked

Your Ever-Loving Pets
Kim Malonie

Muushu is a male Coton de Tuléar who was unusually high-strung and agitated. His owner called me to see whether I could help calm him down. When I first met Muushu at the door, he barked uncontrollably and ran around as if he were insane. It seemed as if he didn’t want me to come inside.

Medical Intuitive: Heal Your Systems for Maximum Results

Stacey Mayo

I was diagnosed with femoral osteoarthritis and bursitis in both knees and femoral tracking disorder and patellar tracking disorder in my left knee. I have a squishy, unsteady walk and lots of pain. I am very gluten intolerant and have had trouble sleeping for decades.

EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: Acceptance Is Freedom

Maria Yraceburu

diiyin’s note: Like smiling, the twinkle of mischief returns to life. We come to know our feelings, and it’s obvious. We are attracted to peace-filled lives, and thoughts of happiness occur.
May Prayer Wheel

Ask the Angels: The Angels Are Always with You

the Angels
Cheryl Gaer Barlow

Have the angels ever said anything about the end of Earth? Will there be an end to Earth? What will happen?
— Lily, Dallas, TX

Benevolent Outcomes: Make Your Requests Out Loud

Tom T. Moore

Here are inspiring stories from people all over the world who request most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) and say benevolent prayers (BPs) for others. As you read, make your requests out loud to create a benevolent vibration in the universe that blocks the vibration of violence.

Shamanic Wisdom: Revel in the Great Mystery

Jan Engels-Smith

In 1992 I was introduced to a native elder who changed my perspectives about life and truths in amazing ways.

Dream Zone: Don’t Let Your Past Tear You Apart

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I’m twenty-one. I live on my own, work full time, and have been addicted to heroin for the past several years. I have had the most horrible nightmares about three to five times a week since before I started to use. If I do a shot and pass out, I typically don’t remember my nightmares.

Ask Erik: You Are Not Alone

Elisa Medhus

Every day I see light anomalies all over my house and in other places. Many times they show up in the corners of rooms, and they just sit there for a moment and then change positions. They seem to have intelligent control. They look like dots of light the size of a quarter or so.

Essences of Nature: The Scars of Champions

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Our biological imperative is to grow and thrive. We are programmed to bud and bloom. We see this exemplified throughout nature. A rose grows in a sandy desert seemingly devoid of water. Flowers burst through cracks in the concrete. Sea creatures make habitats from our refuse.


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