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The Empath's Portal

The Empath's Portal The Heart of the Mother through Sarah Weiss

Dear souls, the period of confusion is over; clarity is now surfacing. I am the Mother of Creation, and you live in the womb of my heart. I speak to and through you, vibrating you into existence so that you can spread the glorious rainbow of love into life. My body is fertile and bounteous. I am the garden in which you grow and blossom.

Glorify existence, and burst with love for the consciousness within; it is truly miraculous. Don’t hold back; love powers the universe from within you. No matter how dark it is, your path to the light is within. It’s not hiding somewhere beyond the clouds. Don’t be afraid to love bigger and bigger; then your way will open before you as if you uttered a magic word. When you reunite with your light, you will find you are the one you’ve been seeking.