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Benevolent Outcomes

Tom T. Moore

L e i g h A n n i n W i s c o n s i n writes: I had anxiety about a dentist appointment. I requested an MBO for safe driving, front door parking, a quick visit, and a positive outcome. The drive was quick and without traffic.

Essences of Nature

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

When we think of obstacles, we tend to think of insurmountable hurdles to our progress. Sometimes an obstacle will make us reconsider whether we are on the correct path or wonder whether someone is trying to tell us something about that particular path.

Ask the Angels

Cheryl Gaer Barlow

From the angels: When humans are depressed, their thoughts join the atmosphere of sadness and melancholy. It becomes a cycle. When the energies are picked up by the mind, they gain momentum. Wrong thinking comes from this.

The Empath's Portal

The Heart of the Mother
Sarah Weiss

I moved two months ago and don’t feel settled in my new home. My space is beautiful inside and out, and the neighbors are friendly and welcoming, but I can’t get comfortable here. Is this about being an empath or something more? — Leslie M.

The Crystal Garden

Margaret Ann Lembo

It is a time of abundance of all that is good. It’s always time for prosperous living. Would you like to manifest more wealth? You can work with the Angel of Abundance and Prosperity and specific gemstones and essential oils to increase your abundance.

Dream Zone

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I dreamed I was standing by a river with a boy I don’t know. We watched as his grandfather and a little white puppy drowned. I wanted to dive in and save them, but they both sank like a rock, and the water was much deeper than I thought. I took the boy and led him away.

The Secret Wisdom of Animals

Kim Malonie

Sue: I recently adopted a threeyear-old Shih-Poo from our local Humane Society. Her name is Emerald. Evidently, she was rescued from a puppy mill. I’ve had her for three months. She’s very skittish and afraid of everything, it seems. How can I help her live her best life?

Benevolent Outcomes

Tom T. Moore

Michael writes: I had to go to the hospital last week for an inguinal hernia. I said a sort of Buddhist chant of “MBO, MBO, MBO, MBO, MBO” going in. I was in real pain. The surgery went very well, and I was sent home.

Akashic Answers

Amanda Romania

This month, I will share questions from the angelic realms.

I just started to learn about angels and the help and healing with which they support us. Do you have any insight into how they work in the akashic records? — Theo, Washington, DC

EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web

Maria Yracébûrû

Diiyin’s Note: Reason is the faculty that enables us to distinguish energies in life. This is as easy and natural as children illuminated by innocence and dependent on our sensual connection to all things.


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