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Your Struggle Is Not a Failing

Amma the Divine Mother
Cathy Chapman

My dear one, I am the Divine Mother of the divine mother's. I am your mother. I ask you to take a moment to slow down. I ask you to focus on your heart, to breathe in and out, and to rest in my love for you.

End Times Create a New Beginning

Sananda and the Council of 12
Carolyn Holtgrewe

Greetings, we bring you from worlds and galaxies far, far away! We have traveled through the warp and woof of time and space to give you our message for 2015.

Transitioning from the False Sense of Separation Back into the Light

Ascended Master Euclytus
Sufani Garza

As a healer, I have been experiencing a lot of changes in the past five years.

The E-Family Steps Up

The group
Steve Rother

Greetings from Home. I am so overjoyed to be with you these days, to share with you what is coming for humanity. Dear ones, it is amazing where you have taken this beautiful game of pretending to be a human and what you have each worked with individually as well as collectively.

The Higher Levels of Healing

The Brotherhood of Light
Edna Frankel

Greetings, dear ones, from the Brotherhood of Light. We gather in great numbers to work with you, guide you, and protect you in these swiftly changing times. It is such a joy to be with you again today! Since all time is now, whenever you read these words is today.

It's All Coming to a Head

Lynn Buess

The universal year for 2015 is an 8 year (2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8). Eight is the number of authority, power, finances, and to a large extent, commerce and business. On a global scale, 8 pertains to institutional activities and administration.

Messengers from Other Places and Spaces

All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be
Elliott Eli Jackson

There are many on Earth now whose spirits came directly to your planet from the stars. Starseeds came to Earth to initiate changes in thinking and to pave the way for Indigos.

Emotions as Signposts

Cullen Smith

Last month we shared Laarkmaa's perspective on the power of thought. While thoughts have been described as one of the most potent energies on the planet at this time, we can guide that energy through noticing what we feel.

The Ascension Pathway (2015-2022)

The Cosmic Essene Brethren
Sri Ram Kaa

We begin with the reminder of that with which we have shared before: "And when the summer of moons completes its cycle for the planet and the illusion becomes thick, it is then that the window of the energies of the divine within will open as a gateway to the beauty and divinity that is the birth

You Will Begin Experiencing the Total You

Being Sharing Future Earth News and Grandfather
Robert Shapiro

January, February, and a bit of March 2015 is going to be a time when the skies will be filled with many unusual and strange things.


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