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Tap into Your Truths

Tap into Your Truths The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

The intensity of coming months has been widely predicted, as you continue to shift into higher-dimensional states of being. In your early days on this planet, you still carried viable encodings from your stellar and cosmic origins. You were able to tap into cellular memory to access and draw down memories of the future (your past) and prophesy about the end of this cycle, a new era of human evolution, and the world to come.

As you sat around the campfires sharing stories, something was lost with each telling. As with altering the stanza of a poem or reorganizing a sentence for impact, the original message was distorted.

We have said it many times: Truth is not absolute. Many factors have an impact on the truth, and they vary according to your personal perspective. As you raise your vibration and climb dimensionally, your perspective will shift and alter truth.