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Benevolent Outcomes: Expect the Impossible

Benevolent Outcomes: Expect the Impossible Tom T. Moore

Carol writes: I requested an MBO today and still could not find $2,500 and the wee book with all my passcodes to tuck in with my new will and powers of attorney. I went through every conceivable area: all my hardcopy files (two times), cabinet drawers, and several bins. I must have spent an hour and a half searching before I quit. I did other tasks and carried on with my time.

Just five minutes ago, I happened to check my in-box on top of a filing cabinet, searching for another item. Bingo! There was the envelope with the $2,500 and book with the pass codes. Of course I offered up my thanks; then I tucked the items in the large envelope with my new will and powers of attorney. Now all are in a safe place. Whew! I am still thanking the angels and God for helping me find those very necessary items. What a huge relief.

Angie writes: Three days ago, I saw that my reading glasses had lost a tiny screw in the hinge that connects the lens frame to the ear piece. The lens fell out, and I couldn’t use my only pair of reading glasses. It would be a lot of trouble to go to the optical shop in the mall to have it fixed, since my city was still under quarantine, and as a senior citizen, I was not allowed to go into the mall, much less go out of my apartment building.