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Request Benevolent Outcomes

Request Benevolent Outcomes Tom T. Moore

Hi everyone, and welcome to this month's stories and questions about requesting most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) in your life. Have you tried this out yet? If not, perhaps the stories below will encourage you to experiment with the simple yet powerful spiritual tool that my guardian angel says will still be in use hundreds of years from now.

Diane writes: "I just wanted to tell you two wonderful stories about my gorgeous niece Jessica (age eight) and her MBO requests. You might remember Jessica, since you mentioned a parking MBO story from her in your second book. My brother and sister-inlaw recently moved home, and Jessica was not allocated a place in the school at which her younger sister was accepted. Jess had to stay home for several weeks while the appeal process went through. Finally, the family was invited to attend an interview and an appeal panel, and Jess went along too. Later that day, Jess called me very excitedly to say that she had been very, very nervous but that her request for an MBO had worked and she had been allocated her place at the school. A week or so later, she gave her Mummy a birthday card, wishing her a 'Very Happy Birthday and a million MBOs'! Jess has well and truly got the power of MBO requests!"